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Arineta has developed and launched a proprietary, novel design CT scanner that is based on a new architecture and optimized for cardiovascular imaging. The Arineta design shall drives out cost by eliminating aspects that are required for whole-body imaging but are irrelevant for cardiac scanning, while optimizing operation for a range of cardiac imaging procedures. The design is covered by granted and pending patents.
The Arineta scanner is a compact high performance imaging system that provides high resolution, motion-free, artifact-free, volumetric images of the whole heart. Arineta addresses the specific requirements of cardiology procedures and the need for enhanced information during the diagnostic, interventional, and follow-up stages. In addition to imaging of the heart, the scanner is optimized for other cardiovascular studies such as studies of the aorta, the carotid and renal arteries.
The Arineta scanner highlights are:
Speed – the industry fastest
Coverage – images the whole heart within a fraction of a single heart beat
Image quality – clear and crisp high resolution images
Dose efficient – beam outside the field of view of interest highly reduced
Small footprint – fits in a 15 m2 room
The scanner is distributed under the name CardioGrapheTM by GE Healthcare in the US, EU and other regions.

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