Stereo CT® Technology

Unlike conventional single and dual-source CT scanners, CardioGraphe uses dual overlapping cone beams to achieve 140 mm coverage. Stereoscopic imaging provides a more complete data set than mono-beam CT allowing for better artifact free images. Stereoscopic imaging also improves the dose utilization of the scanner.

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Key elements of the technology are:

  • ·         Dual specially designed x-ray tubes
  • ·         High voltage generator capable of ultra-fast x-ray beam switching between the two sources
  • ·         CardioGraphe detector capable of low-noise, high-rate acquisition
  • ·         Unique Stereo CT reconstruction algorithm for optimal integration of data from the two sources into a single image set

Focused Field-of-view

CardioGraphe uses Focused Field-of-View technology to allow high quality imaging of an area-of-interest, while reducing radiation dose in peripheral anatomy outside the area-of-interest (shown for a single x-ray source).



CardioGrapheTM is the first dedicated cardiovascular CT designed to provide comprehensive clinical information useful for diagnosis and therapy planning.  CardioGraphe is optimized for imaging the entire heart and cardiovascular system with 140 mm coverage at a rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation.

The system is designed to image the heart using less radiation dose than whole-body CT scanners. Further, the single heartbeat imaging and fast speed of the scan allow to reduce contrast volumes and optionally refrain from administrating beta blocker. Clinical applications from Calcium Scoring to Cardiac CTA to peripheral vascular imaging are executed smoothly and successfully even for patients of high or unstable heart rate and obese patients. (more…)