Ehud Dafni

Ehud Dafni

March 7, 2022

With deep sadness we announce the passing of Ehud Dafni PhD, our Arineta founder and CEO. Udi was a dear friend, a leader, a family man, and a technology visionary.

Udi founded Arineta in 2006 with the mission to grow cardiac CT as the front-line non-invasive test for clinical care of cardiovascular disease … the #1 cause of death and financial costs for healthcare systems worldwide. Udi’s vision is now becoming a reality, with conclusive scientific evidence and clinical guidelines from the leading worldwide cardiovascular societies, including ACC/ACR/AHA/SCCT/ESC/NICE and many more.

Udi and the Arineta team designed and developed the CardioGraphe, the world’s first dedicated cardiovascular CT system. The CardioGraphe is the world’s highest performance Cardiac CT, and its unique technology makes it optimized for point-of-care clinics and community hospitals, due to its small footprint and lower cost. Under Udi’s leadership, Arineta has made life-saving Cardiac CT broadly accessible and affordable to patients worldwide … not just in an academic setting.

Udi received his PhD in Nuclear Physics from Stony Brook University (NY) in 1978. While leading R&D at Elscint/Picker/Philips, he and his team led significant advances in CT technology, including the development of the first multi-slice spiral CT system, the MX Twin, in 1992.

The Arineta team and our partners will sincerely miss our friend and leader, Udi. But we celebrate his life, and are committed to Arineta’s mission and Udi’s vision to save lives from cardiovascular disease.

Ehud Dafni

September 8, 2020

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) has published a September 2020 report, “Current Evidence and Recommendations for Coronary CTA First in Evaluation of Stable Coronary Artery Disease”. The statement outlines data that for patients who do not have known coronary artery disease (CAD), the detection of CAD should change from detection of a myocardial perfusion abnormality to detection of coronary atherosclerosis through a CTA-first strategy.

September 4, 2020

Arineta is glad to announce that Scott F. Schubert has joined Arineta as a Chairman of the Board. Scott is an experienced executive in the medical imaging industry. Most recently Scott served as President and CEO, Global X-Ray at GE Healthcare; and previously led Global Premium CT at GE.

July 15, 2020

The CardioGraphe cardiac dedicated CT scanner is showcased in the SCCT 2020 annual conference carried this year online. The scanner is featured in one of the scientific sessions, a special symposium, and the virtual booths of GE Healthcare and Arineta.

July 2020

CardioGraphe Wide Field of View option – The classic CardioGraphe is adapted to reconstruct and display high resolution images at a field of view of 250mm, optimal for cardiovascular imaging. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and customer requests, Arineta has developed an optional scan mode with 450mm field of view, covering the whole lungs while keeping the excellent image quality of the heart.

July 2020

A first CardioGraphe in Australia – a CardioGraphe dedicated cardiovascular CT is under installation at the GenesisCare, Murdoch WA Cardiology center. This machine joins the installed base in North America, Europe and China.

June 26, 2020

An article in the June 26, 2020 issue of the JCCT Journal compared the image quality of the CardioGraphe dedicated cardiac CT scanner to a premium first line whole body CT scanner. The overall Image Quality of CardioGraphe was higher. For CardioGraphe, excellent image quality was achieved also for heart rate above 65 BPM. FFRct acceptance rate, which is a measure of the image quality, was 100% for the study cohort.

April 5, 2020

United Healthcare, the world largest health organization, has announced that effective April 1, 2020, United Healthcare will reimburse for Coronary CT Angiograms when ordered to evaluate stable chest pain in members with low and intermediate risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) as first-line testing (CCTA-First). Computed tomographic angiography (CTA) is expected to replace the need for other functional stress testing in this population.

September 2019

First CardioGraphe scanners in China – Following the NMPA marketing clearance, CardioGraphe dedicated CT scanners are starting operation this month at the Xiamen Cardiovascular hospital, Xiamen and Bo’ao Life Center, Hainan.

August 30, 2019

The European Society of Cardiology has published the 2019 updated Chronic Coronary Disease guidelines designating CCTA as a class 1 indication for patients with suspected but not yet confirmed coronary disease. These are the first multinational societal guidelines supporting CCTA as a first line test following the UK NICE 2016 and other national level guidelines.

April 2019

The Arineta CardioGraphe CT scanner was approved by NMPA for commercial distribution in China. CardioGraphe is already approved for distribution in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, and Israel. CardioGraphe is distributed by GE Healthcare.

February 2, 2018

Clinical results of the CardioGraphe cardiovascular dedicated CT scanner were presented in the SCCT meeting at London, January 2018, by Dr. Patrick Donnelly from Ulster hospital, Belfast, Dr. Pal Maurovich-Horvat from Semmelweis University Medical Center, Budapest and Prof. Ronen Rubinstein from Carmel Medical Center, Haifa. The speakers emphasized the advantages of the single heart beat whole heart imager.

March 2017

GE Healthcare has commercially launched the Arineta product under the name CardioGraphe in the ACC annual convention at Washington DC. As previously announced by the companies, GE is the world-wide distributor of the product. Press Release.

February 22,2017

The Arineta cardiovascular dedicated CT scanner has received the CE mark and cleared for commercial distribution in the EU.