Clinical Applications Specialist- USA

Position's Scope:

Job description:

The primary role is to be the expert trainer ofcustomers (technologists and cardiologists/radiologists) on how to operate Arineta’s CT scanners, to obtain best results.

The role also includes:

Assisting the sales team in pre and post sales activities.

Providing input to the engineering and product teams, and collaborating closely with engineering on future developments.


  • Strong communication and presentation skills,
  • Keen on Training
  • Work with interdisciplinary, international team.
  • Good interpersonal relations.


  • Accreditation as US CT technologist(RT)
  • Or relevant experience as CT application specialist.
  • Bachelor’s degree

Relevant Experience:

  • Proven 4-5 years of experience as a CT technologist,
  • CT Applications training specialist

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience in Cardiac CT and cardiac Image quality optimization
  • Knowledge in Cardiac CT image processing using workstations.
  • Prepare clinical materials for marketing.

Reporting to:

Clinical applications managerand US Customer support manager.


Fluent English


Working in the USA, remotely.

The role requires extensive travelling in the USA (up to 2 weeks/month)

To apply, send your resume to