SpotLight™ Duo

The highest performance cardiovascular and thoracic CT scanner

SpotLight™ Duo

SpotLight™ Duo is the first dedicated cardiovascular and thoracic CT scanner designed to provide comprehensive clinical information for diagnosis and therapy planning. SpotLight™ Duo is optimized for imaging the entire heart and cardiovascular system with 140 mm coverage at a rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation.

The system uses a lower radiation dose than whole-body CT scanners. Further, the imaging based on a single heartbeat as well as the fast speed of the scan reduce contrast volumes and reduce the need for administration of beta blocker. Clinical applications from Calcium Scoring to Cardiac CTA and peripheral vascular imaging are executed easily and successfully even for patients with high or unstable heart rates and for obese patients


SpotLight™ Duo: highest performance CCT and affordable

New care pathway

Full CV lifecycle: CCTA, plaque, Tx planning, monitoring Prevention/wellness: cardio-thoracic, retailers, employers

Access to care

Point-of-care access: office, ASC, cath lab Mobile: community & rural hospitals, physician office


Pay-Per-Use financing to help practice start-up

Thanks to its innovative design, SpotLight™ Duo provides the user with breakthrough clinical applications for cardiovascular imaging:
    • One-beat, high-definition, motion-free coronary images at any heart rate, with intelligent motion correction
    • Comprehensive cardiac assessment for every patient – coronaries, structure & function
    • Temporal resolution of 120 msec in cardiac scans
    • Peripheral vascular imaging, from carotids to aorta, main pulmonary, renal and femoral arteries
    • Whole organ acquisition for 4D imaging to visualize vascular flow, organ motion or kinetic properties
    • Rapid & comprehensive TAVR planning with dedicated protocols, allowing ECG-gated and non-gated acquisitions in a single exam

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