Pay Per Use

Enhanced Cardiac CT scanner at no upfront cost

Pay Per Use Program

Starting a Cardiac CT program can be challenging. Even as multiple studies have shown that CT angiography is significantly more accurate diagnostically than myocardial perfusion imaging, Cardiac CT has yet to become the diagnostic test of choice for US healthcare providers.1,2 How can we increase access to care, while also minimizing the costs to deliver that care?

Now Arineta, the innovators behind the SpotLight™ Duo’”, the world’s first dedicated Cardiovascular and Thoracic CT Scanner, bring this game changing technology to healthcare providers in the United States at no upfront equipment cost. This allows healthcare providers and administrators to explore firsthand the benefits of a CT-first patient care pathway with minimal capital expenditure

No upfront CT scanner cost

Tools and Training

Arineta provides the scanner, injector, workstation, installation and training


Service is included

User Responsibility

User is responsible for facility, manpower and operational costs

  • Cardiac CT angiography yields 41% lower rate of death or nonfatal myocardial infarction vs standard care, including stress testings

  • Excellent image quality, including high and unstable heart rates

  • FFRct acceptance rate of 100%

  • Breakeven in as few as four patients per day

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