Innovation and unique Stereo CT Technology

Arineta’s innovative Stereo CT technology consists of two rapidly alternating sources of radiation that create dual overlapping beams. The result is a focused field of view with high resolution, no cone artifacts and minimal dosage. Combined with high rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation, it provides a sharp, motionless CT image of the heart in one heartbeat.

Stereo CT® Technology

Unlike conventional single- and dual-source CT scanners, SpotLight™ Duo uses dual overlapping cone beams to achieve 140 mm coverage. Stereoscopic imaging provides a more complete data set than mono-beam CT, for better, artifact-free images. Stereoscopic imaging also optimizes the scanner’s dose utilization.
Key elements of the technology are:
  • Dual, specially designed x-ray tubes
  • High-voltage generator capable of ultra-fast x-ray beam switching between the two sources
  • SpotLight™ Duo detector for low-noise, high-rate acquisition
  • Unique Stereo CT reconstruction algorithm for optimal integration of data from the two sources into a single image set

Focused Field-of-view

SpotLight™ Duo uses Focused Field-of-View technology for high quality imaging of an area-of-interest, while reducing the radiation dose in peripheral anatomies outside the area-of-interest (shown for a single x-ray source). Radiation outside the field-of-view (user-selected 250 mm or 160 mm diameter) is attenuated by a factor of 10 – 20 (depending on kVp). (Actual dose saving depends on a combination of kVp, selected FOV diameter, and patient size.)