Mechanical Assembler

Position's Scope:

Mechanical Assembler


Proven ability in the field of mechanical assemblies and electronic assemblies in large and complex machines.

Ability to read and understand assembly drawings of parts on large and complex machines.

Proven experience working with special tools (torque wrenches).

Proven experience in work according to work instructions that include registration and documentation of assemblies in DHR quality documents.

Ability to read documents and work instructions in Hebrew and English.

Ability and willingness to work with heavy assemblies.

Willingness to work overtime as required.


12years of schoolingand various certifications in the field of mechanical assemblies

Relevant Experience:

Several years of experience in mechanical assemblies in companies that manufacture complex machines and assemblies,

Forexample, GE, Philips.

Ability to work with lifting and transportation tools (For example: manual electric forklift).

Advantage Experience:

Similar experience in medical imaging companies (CT, MRI)

Technician / mechanical engineer

Subordinate to:

Integration manager


Full Hebrew, English (reading and understanding documents)


The position is for a professional technician who is able to work independently and with full responsibility.

A definite team member.

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