CardioGrapheTM is the first dedicated cardiovascular CT designed to provide comprehensive clinical information useful for diagnosis and therapy planning.  CardioGraphe is optimized for imaging the entire heart and cardiovascular system with 140 mm coverage at a rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation.

The system is designed to image the heart using less radiation dose than whole-body CT scanners. Further, the single heartbeat imaging and fast speed of the scan allow to reduce contrast volumes and optionally refrain from administrating beta blocker. Clinical applications from Calcium Scoring to Cardiac CTA to peripheral vascular imaging are executed smoothly and successfully even for patients of high or unstable heart rate and obese patients.

Key technology enablers include:

  • Unique Stereo CT® technology. Two overlapping x-ray beams rotate about the patient in parallel trajectories, allowing you to obtain excellent image quality and wide z-axis coverage without the need for two detectors.
  • Focused field-of-view (FOV). CardioGraphe’s focused FOV of 250mm generates high-resolution images of the area of interest, while highly reducing dose to peripheral anatomy, allowing to lower doses and eliminating physician over reads for peripheral anatomy versus whole-body systems.
  • Fast gantry rotation. By using the 0.24 second rotation speed and partial scan mode the user can achieve temporal resolution of 120 msec for excellent cardiac imaging.
  • Unique imaging chain hardware and Stereo CT® reconstruction algorithm. The unique imaging chain and reconstruction technologies allow to generate outstanding image quality.
  • ASiR-CV. Integrated advanced iterative reconstruction technology reduces noise, even at very low signal levels. This technology is designed to deliver reduced noise levels, improved low contrast detectability and may enable a reduction in dose for all clinical applications (A consultation with a physician and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task).


  • Ultra-short gantry geometry. The ultra-short geometry means always making efficient use of the x-ray sources.
  • Small footprint. It easy to site CardioGraphe even in small rooms.

Thanks to its innovative design, CardioGraphe puts breakthrough clinical applications for cardiovascular imaging in the user hands:

  • One-beat, high-definition, motion free coronary images at any heart rate with intelligent motion correction
  • Comprehensive cardiac assessment for every patient – coronaries, structure & function
  • Temporal resolution of 120 msec in cardiac scans
  • Peripheral vascular imaging, from carotids to aorta, main pulmonary, renal and femoral arteries
  • 4D imaging capabilities enabled by whole organ acquisition to visualize vascular flow, organ motion or kinetic properties
  • Rapid & comprehensive TAVR planning with dedicated protocols allowing ECG-gated and non-gated acquisitions in a single exam


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