Arineta Cardio Imaging Installs First SpotLight Scanner in the US at Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates in Dallas

Arineta, a leader in advancing cardiovascular imaging solutions through cutting-edge technology, installed its first SpotLight scanner in the U.S. at Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates (C3) in Dallas.


The 510k FDA cleared SpotLight is a single beat, whole heart scanner optimized with 140 mm coverage at a rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation. As the first dedicated cardiovascular CT scanner designed to provide comprehensive clinical information for diagnosis and therapy planning, it allows cardiology practices to quickly and efficiently image their patients.


Congratulations to Dr. Tony Das. MD, FACC and Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates team on the successful launch of your dedicated cardiac CT program using the SpotLight scanner! Your commitment to providing exceptional cardiac care and adopting cutting-edge technology like the SpotLight will undoubtedly lead to improved patient outcomes and enhanced diagnostic accuracy. We applaud your dedication to advancing cardiac imaging and look forward to witnessing the positive impact of your program in the field of cardiology.