Saying Goodbye to Arineta’s founder, Ehud Dafni PhD (Udi)

With deep sadness we announce the passing of Ehud Dafni PhD, our Arineta founder and CEO. Udi was a dear friend, a leader, a family man, and a technology visionary. Udi founded Arineta in 2006 with the mission to grow cardiac CT as the front-line non-invasive test for clinical care of cardiovascular disease … the #1 cause of death and financial costs for healthcare systems worldwide. Udi’s vision is now becoming a reality, with conclusive scientific evidence and clinical guidelines from the leading worldwide cardiovascular societies, including ACC/ACR/AHA/SCCT/ESC/NICE and many more. Udi and the Arineta team designed and developed the CardioGraphe, the world’s first dedicated cardiovascular CT system. The CardioGraphe is the world’s highest performance Cardiac CT, and its unique technology makes it optimized for point-of-care clinics and community hospitals, due to its small footprint and lower cost. Under Udi’s leadership, Arineta has made life-saving Cardiac CT broadly accessible and affordable to patients worldwide … not just in an academic setting. Udi received his PhD in Nuclear Physics from Stony Brook University (NY) in 1978. While leading R&D at Elscint/Picker/Philips, he and his team led significant advances in CT technology, including the development of the first multi-slice spiral CT system, the MX Twin, in 1992. The Arineta team and our partners will sincerely miss our friend and leader, Udi. But we celebrate his life, and are committed to Arineta’s mission and Udi’s vision to save lives from cardiovascular disease.