Arineta Cardio Imaging Appoints Industry Veteran Doug Ryan as New CEO

Renowned leader with three decades of experience to drive Arineta’s vision in advancing cardiovascular and thoracic imaging solutions 


Caesarea, Israel – January 9, 2024Arineta Cardio Imaging, a leader in advancing cardiovascular imaging solutions through cutting-edge technology, welcomes its new CEO Doug Ryan to its international team. Ryan brings 30 years of experience creating business infrastructure and crafting market strategies for medical device companies to his role at Arineta.


Ryan previously served as vice president of Siemens Healthineers’ Computed Tomography Business Line, and as vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Health and Medical Equipment group. Prior to these roles, he orchestrated the delivery of multi-slice CT in the U.S. at Toshiba American Medical Systems. 


Arineta is a leader in cardiovascular and cardiothoracic CT imaging. Its flagship systems, SpotLight and SpotLight™ Duo, serve as the world’s only dedicated cardiovascular CT systems. Dallas cardiology group Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates received the first SpotLight scanner in the U.S. in November 2023. Ryan was drawn to Arineta because of its work providing the highest quality cardiac and thoracic imaging, being the first solution to deploy combined temporal resolution and coverage, while still being cost-effective. He aims to grow the number of Arineta SpotLight scanners globally. 


“Arineta’s vision resonates with me in so many ways, as there are still thousands of patients across the world that need access to life saving technology like the SpotLight Cardiac CT” said Ryan. “Arineta’s solutions truly can save lives with the speed, quality and accuracy of their imaging, and it’s our vision to make this vital technology globally accessible.”


With its single-beat, whole-heart scanners, Arineta is improving access to cardiac CT by decreasing the physical footprint and the cost of its top-of-the-line devices, allowing for in-office use that benefits both the patient and the provider. Ryan hopes to expand awareness and use of Arineta’s devices as the highest quality, premium CCT scanners that are also economically feasible for providers. 

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About Arineta

Arineta Cardio Imaging is an Israeli company that develops and produces innovative cardiovascular imaging solutions. It is dedicated to growing cardiac CT as the front-line non-invasive test for diagnosing, therapy planning and monitoring of cardiovascular disease, the no. 1 cause of death and costs for healthcare worldwide. Arineta’s flagship product, SpotLight™ Duo, is the world’s first dedicated single-heartbeat, whole-heart cardiovascular and thoracic CT, based on the company’s proprietary Stereo CT technology. The company is part of a long tradition of medical imaging innovation that began in Israel in the 1970s. Among Arineta’s scientists are the inventors of the multi-slice spiral CT technology, still the cornerstone of CT imaging, and several other key technologies.


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