Mobile SpotLight

A novel approach to expanding patient access

Introducing the Mobile SpotLight: Revolutionizing Cardiac CT Care

In the realm of cardiac care, accessibility and convenience are paramount. That’s why we proudly present the Mobile SpotLight, a groundbreaking Mobile SpotLight CT Scanner designed to bring advanced cardiovascular and lung care within reach. With its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled flexibility, the Mobile SpotLight is transforming the landscape of cardiac imaging, empowering healthcare providers to reach underserved communities and small hospitals like never before.

Experience the Future of Mobile SpotLight CT Imaging with the Mobile SpotLight

With the Mobile SpotLight, advanced cardiac imaging is no longer confined to large medical centers. It breaks down barriers, expands access, and revolutionizes care delivery. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with the flexibility of a mobile unit opens up a world of possibilities for healthcare providers and patients alike. Discover the future of mobile SpotLight CT imaging with the Mobile SpotLight™ Duo and join us in our mission to make exceptional cardiac care accessible to all.


Mobile SpotLight CT: highest performance CCT and affordable


Lighter, uses less power, ambient cooling, and uses less heat.

Access to care

Point-of-care access: office, ASC, cath lab Mobile: community & rural hospitals, physician office

Square footage

Smaller footprint (14 foot room; 40% smaller space)

Key Benefits of the Mobile SpotLight

– Bridging the Gap: Access to Underserved Communities

With the Mobile SpotLight, we bridge the divide between metropolitan centers and underserved communities. By bringing this innovative cardiac CT scanner directly to the heart of these areas, we enable prompt and accurate diagnoses for patients who previously had limited access to state-of-the-art cardiac imaging. No longer do distance or logistical challenges impede timely care. The Mobile SpotLight expands horizons and saves lives.

– Empowering Small Community Hospitals

Traditionally, acquiring expensive cardiac CT equipment posed a significant barrier for small community hospitals. However, the Mobile SpotLight presents an affordable alternative without compromising on quality or diagnostic capabilities. Our compact, mobile solution eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investments at each site, allowing hospitals of all sizes to offer comprehensive cardiac imaging services. We empower local medical facilities to provide exceptional care to their communities without straining their resources.

– Expanding Cardiac CT Access Economically

The Mobile SpotLight revolutionizes the landscape of cardiac imaging by providing an economical path to expanding Cardiac CT access. With this innovative solution, healthcare systems can strategically deploy mobile units to multiple locations, ensuring wider coverage and faster access to cardiac imaging services. By centralizing the scanner in one unit and serving multiple sites, facilities can enhance efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and maximize the reach of critical cardiac care.

– Enhancing Rural Patient Care

Rural patients often face unique challenges when it comes to accessing specialized healthcare. The Mobile SpotLight is a game-changer for these patients, bringing cardiovascular and lung care directly to their doorstep. By eliminating the need for long and arduous journeys to distant medical facilities, we empower rural communities with the timely, accurate diagnoses they deserve. The Mobile SpotLight ensures that every patient, regardless of their geographical location, can receive the highest standard of cardiac care.

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