Arineta Installs First SpotLight Duo in Rocky Mountain Region at Clear Heart and Lung Imaging

Arineta, a leader in advancing cardiovascular imaging solutions through cutting-edge technology, is proud to announce that Clear Heart and Lung Imaging, the first facility in the rocky mountain region to integrate Arineta’s SpotLight™ Duo CT Scanner, has successfully opened its new advanced imaging facility in Loveland, Colorado. This milestone event, held on June 18, showcased Clear Heart and Lung Imaging’s ability to provide high-quality cardiac imaging to Northern Colorado communities using a state-of-the-art dedicated cardiovascular and thoracic scanner.


The grand opening event was attended by current and prospective patients, fellow physicians and media. Renowned physicians Tony DeFrance, MD, and James Min, MD, spoke at the event, and Matthew Budoff, MD, led an educational session for providers. Guests toured the facility, witnessed actual images acquired on the high-speed scanner and engaged in insightful discussions on the future of cardiac imaging. Scott Schubert, chairman of the board of directors for Arineta, was also in attendance, underscoring the significance of this milestone for the company and the community. “Colorado patients have had limited access and long wait-times for cardiac CT, so Arineta is thrilled to have the first SpotLight Duo installed in the Rocky Mountain region,” said Schubert.


The installation of the SpotLight Duo CT scanner is the first of its kind in Colorado and offers unparalleled imaging accuracy and speed, capturing the entire heart in a single beat. Heart disease remains a major health concern in Colorado and throughout the world, making early detection and intervention essential. Clear Heart and Lung Imaging will address the critical need by offering top-of the line cardiac and thoracic imaging services for on-site diagnosis, therapy planning and ongoing patient monitoring, ensuring timely and accurate care. 


“The Clear Heart and Lung Imaging center is a great step forward in helping to increase access to coronary CT angiography and Cleerly’s advanced analyses, as well as reduce wait times in our community,” said Dr. James Min, CEO and founder of Cleerly. “Our partnership will ensure that individuals can get state-of-the-art evaluations of their heart at a top-rate imaging facility without delay.”


The establishment of Clear Heart and Lung Imaging is driven by the personal mission of the co-founder, Kim Mischo, who was inspired to open the clinic after a cardiac scan was performed on her husband who had no known disease revealing he had a life-threatening blockage. “After my husband’s life was saved by a CT scan, I realized the urgent need for accessible, high-quality affordable cardiac imaging and this center represents a commitment to improving patient care and outcomes in our community,” said Mischo.


Most people with heart disease are unaware of their condition until it’s too late,” said Dr. DeFrance, interventional cardiologist, lifestyle medicine physician, past treasurer and executive board member SCCT Education Committee, world renowned CCTA physician educator and CCTA interpreter. “This technology allows us to detect and address heart disease before it leads to a fatal heart attack.”


The SpotLight Duo CT Scanner captures the entire heart in a single beat, featuring 140 mm coverage at a rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation. Its advanced deep-learning imaging reconstruction (DLIR) technology enhances image quality by reconstructing cross-sectional images, resulting in more comprehensive and accurate diagnoses. Powered by Arineta’s proprietary Stereo CT technology, it offers best-in-class specifications for temporal resolution of 120 milliseconds with 45cm high resolution scanning. 


“The ability of the SpotLight Duo to capture precise images in a single heartbeat will significantly improve diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes,” said Dr. Budoff, investigator at The Lundquist Institute, professor of medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and director of cardiac CT at Harbor UCLA Medical Center’s cardiology division.



About Arineta

Arineta is an Israeli company that develops and produces innovative cardiovascular imaging solutions. It is dedicated to growing cardiac CT as the front-line non-invasive test for diagnosing, therapy planning and monitoring of cardiovascular disease, the no. 1 cause of death and costs for healthcare worldwide. Arineta’s flagship product, SpotLight™ Duo, is the world’s first dedicated single-heartbeat, whole-heart cardiovascular and thoracic CT, based on the company’s proprietary Stereo CT technology. The company is part of a long tradition of medical imaging innovation that began in Israel in the 1970s. Among Arineta’s scientists are the inventors of the multi-slice spiral CT technology, still the cornerstone of CT imaging, and several other key technologies.


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About Clear Heart & Lung Imaging

Clear Heart & Lung is an outpatient imaging center in the Denver, CO area providing outpatient access to world-class imaging that aids in early diagnosis and prevention. Its mission is to make cardiac CT imaging more accessible to diagnose coronary artery disease and offer patients a head start in treatment and prevention. Clear Heart & Lung offers state-of-the-art cardiac CT scanning in an outpatient setting, ensuring that cost and accessibility are not barriers to early detection and prevention. 

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