Phoenix Cardiology Practice Installs the First and Fastest Cardiovascular CT Scanner in the State, Arineta’s SpotLight Duo

Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd. in Phoenix brings state-of-the-art cardiac imaging to its statewide network of Arizona practices


Arineta, a leader in advancing cardiovascular imaging solutions through cutting-edge technology, proudly announces the latest installation of its SpotLight™ Duo at Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd. (CVC) in Arizona. This makes CVC the first and only practice in the southwest region to have the world’s first dedicated cardiovascular and thoracic CT scanner. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Arizonians age 65 and older, and it is the third leading cause for adults 45-65 in the state, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services’ (ADHS). Early diagnosis and intervention is key for these vulnerable populations and can help decrease the ADHS’s estimated 67,034 years of potential life lost due to heart disease.

CVC, led by cardiologist Lou Ivanovic, MD, FACC, currently serves the Phoenix metropolitan area through its nine locations and 30 providers. With the FDA-cleared SpotLight Duo, CVC’s thousands of patients now have access to the most advanced cardiac and thoracic imaging technology currently available, allowing for on-site diagnostics, therapy planning and monitoring. 

“Before integrating the SpotLight Duo into our practice, we had challenges with image quality from previous imaging technologies,” said Dr. Ivanovic. “With SpotLight Duo, we’ve observed a remarkable enhancement in image clarity, empowering physicians to make faster and more precise diagnoses, ultimately improving patient care. As we are entering a new era of value-based care in medicine, ‘CT first’ approach will become the future in early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.”

The single beat, whole heart scanner is optimized with 140 mm coverage at a rotation speed of 0.24 sec per rotation. Its deep-learning imaging reconstruction (DLIR) technology provides improved image quality by reconstructing cross-sectional images of the subject, allowing for a more complete image and more accurate diagnosis. Enabled by Arineta’s proprietary Stereo CT technology, it offers best-in-class specifications for temporal resolution of 120 msec with 45cm high resolution scanning. 

“We are very excited to see the SpotLight Duo’s expansion to address patients in Arizona and surrounding regions,” said CEO Doug Ryan. “Our goal is to improve access to top of the line cardiac imaging, and with CVC’s extensive network of providers in Arizona, they will be able to improve the standard of cardiac care for their vast patient population.”


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About Arineta

Arineta is an Israeli company that develops and produces innovative cardiovascular imaging solutions. It is dedicated to growing cardiac CT as the front-line non-invasive test for diagnosing, therapy planning and monitoring of cardiovascular disease, the no. 1 cause of death and costs for healthcare worldwide. Arineta’s flagship product, SpotLight™ Duo, is the world’s first dedicated single-heartbeat, whole-heart cardiovascular and thoracic CT, based on the company’s proprietary Stereo CT technology. The company is part of a long tradition of medical imaging innovation that began in Israel in the 1970s. Among Arineta’s scientists are the inventors of the multi-slice spiral CT technology, still the cornerstone of CT imaging, and several other key technologies.


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